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Home again home again

Back from Illinois. Exhausted and drained, both psychologically and physically. I broke down multiple times at both the wake and funeral, but mostly held it together. I had the foresight to bring lotso Kleenex.

Seeing my DiL all preserved and made-up for the first time at the wake was the worst. It didn't look like the man I remembered at all up close--too plastic and smooth--but from a little distance, he did, and a couple times, I caught myself thinking, "I hope DiL's not feeling left out. He's all off by himself and no one's talking to him." And then, of course, I'd have to deal with another bout of teary-eyes when I realized that I didn't have to worry about him feeling excluded and that it didn't matter that no one was chit-chatting with him because he couldn't hear them, would never have another conversation with his friends and family ever again.

Been trying to take it easy, trying to ease back into things. But there's tons of work to catch up with that has already waited a week.

And, after all, life goes on.


Writing Stuff

Received a lovely review at Novelspot for my Inspirations End/Still My Beating Heart chapbook:

"Eugie Foster's vampire stories have everything a good vampire story needs to have . . . The author is a great story-teller, who pays attention to details, creates great characters, and uses a highly enjoyable style. Her choice of words and her use of language gives a very special flavour to these writings, which makes it hard to put this book down. For those who enjoy vampire fiction, this book is highly recommended. "
--Ilona Hegedus

- My August Writing for Young Readers column, "Writing for Tweens."

- 57-days to a reprint sale (+ contract) of "Second Daughter" to Her Circle Ezine. It's slated for their fall issue. Their contract is odd, a bit too vague and Spartan for my preference, lacking even the bare-bones, standard legalese that I'm accustomed to. But it's for a reprint and they're not asking for anything weird. Eh, as long as they pay me . . .
- Email + contract from Stephen Eley confirming that the Pseudopod editors loved and want "Returning My Sister's Face." Their contract, of course, is completely in order.
- Status update from Mech Muse that their Summer issue (with the audio reprint of "The Storyteller's Wife" in it) will be going up Aug. 21.
- 272-days to an "after careful consideration we have decided to decline" on a story held for the second round of reading at IGMS. Fooie.
- 3-days to a "not what we're looking for at this time" with personal (and a bit contradictory) feedback. One editor liked my prose, the other found it too florid, but it was the ending that didn't sell them. Alas.

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