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Good tidings, alases, and anxiety

Feeling better today. Much sleep and taking it easy seems to have nipped the impending flare-up before it could fully manifest (I hope). Whew.

Voted yesterday in the Georgia primaries. In the interests of actually having our vote make a difference, both fosteronfilm and I and became Republicans for the day so we could vote against some of the loonier loons. I felt a bit unclean, marking the little "Republican" box on the voter registration form, but some of the crazies who are running for office down here just make me shudder. We were also quite interested in the “special” vote to either annex the unincorporated bit of Alpharetta we live in into Roswell or incorporate us into our own town. We’re pleased to now be living in the new city of John's Creek! It was something of a landslide too. Even better, the scariest conservative loonies lost.


This might be the first election in all the time we’ve been here where the issues we cared about actually went the way we voted. Ah, the joys of living in a red state.


Writing Stuff

The premiere issue of The Town Drunk goes up tomorrow. Excited! And also more than a bit anxious.

Neither "Penguin" nor "Lesbian Zombie" made the Parsec short list, alas. Long-faced and bummed. But it was an honor being nominated, august company . . . screw that. Waaah!!

*sniffle* Well, at least the two Escape Pod podcasts that did make the short list are excellent: "Hero" by Scott Sigler and "The Trouble With Deathtraps" by Marjorie James. If you haven't listened to them yet, go to!

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