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Insomnia rears its ugly head. Feh. Or maybe I'm still reeling from actually approving of something George W. did: protecting the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. I'm delighted by this; it's hands down the finest thing this administration has done. But the world's turned all topsy-turvy. Me like George W.? Bush is Green? Zounds. It's worse than trying to wrap my mind around string theory. But I'm cheering for the sea turtles and fishies, nevertheless.

Also watched a feature on American badgers on Animal Planet the other day. The title of the show was Badgers: Dishing the Dirt, so I was hoping that there would be Eurasian badgers as well as American, but it was only the American variety. Still, I absolutely adore badgers of any nationality. Yank badgers are so grumpy; I can't help but be enchanted and awed by their ferocity. And they had footage of badgers with their winter coats! Normally American badgers look flatish, sort of like a skunk someone's applied a rolling pin to. But in winter, they become round puffs. Adorable. There was much girlie squeeing.

And finally, herein a video of a bear on a trampoline. Seems a black bear popped up in a tree in a residential area in Missoula, MT. When they couldn't get him down, they stuck a big trampoline beneath the tree and shot him with a tranq. Much funny bear fwing. Note: The bear's okay. Although the video looks like he landed hard on his head, he's fine, just really, really doped up. After his bounce-flop (and after he revived from the tranq), they released him back into the wild.


Writing Stuff

The Mobicon folks got back to me and, coolest of cool, they said "Yepper, yep." So of course I did too. I'm going to Mobicon 2007, woo!

New Words:
- 1500 on a new freelance gig. Working hard. Making peanuts. Sigh.

I miss fiction writing. A lot. If I'm working this hard to earn match sticks, then I want to get more emotional gratification out of it. Lamentably, fiction earns fewer peanuts and is harder. Still, I think I need to consciously slot some time to indulge my muse before she gets in a huff, packs her bags, and goes off to stay with her mother.

- Acceptance from Skipping Stones for "How Rabbit Crossed the Sea." I subbed to these folks because I love their editorial philosophy and the magazine's mission: "Skipping Stones is a nonprofit children's magazine that encourages cooperation, creativity and celebration of cultural and environmental richness." Although I suspected from their guidelines that they didn't pay. They don't say whether they do or not, nor do they say what rights they want, but I figured since they accepted esubs, I'd ask if it became relevant.

It did, so I did.

No, they don't pay (sigh). I much prefer it when markets are upfront about such things. And they're asking for both (nonexclusive) print and electronic rights. I deliberated whether I wanted to give them the story. I mean, I'm all for writing as an art and for a cause, but I'm also a working writer, and I'm all for not starving too.

So I decided I'd be willing to part with print rights in the name of fostering diversity and multicultural education, but not electronic--as that would make it effectively available to the world instead of just Skipping Stones's subscribers, making it rather awkward to sell to a reprint market. Emailed the editor and waiting now to see if something can be worked out. Also suggested they explicitly state the "no money for contributors" thing in their GLs.

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