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Storm season brings cooling relief

The beginning of hurricane season has resulted in some lovely weather here. Hobkin has been miserable from the recent heat--flopping on the hardwood floor in the kitchen and looking like an overheated, fuzzy mop. . . with a tail. And I've been driven out of the library, which is upstairs and so gets rather sweltering. But now it's cool and dark. Ahh.

I hope Alberto doesn't get big and scary, but the respite he's bringing from sultry ick is appreciated.

Although I'm concerned that the rain might not come in time to save our wild blackberry crop.


Writing Stuff

The fine folks of Mobicon invited me to be a guest next year. I'm thrilled to betsy, but with finances being so tight, I asked them if they could help me out on the room and board front. I hope we can work something out. jackzodiac raves about them, and I've been dying to experience it.

New Words:
- A load of research and 500 words on part 2 of the article for

- My article "When the Guidelines Say '7-12': The Ages and Stages of Children's Literature" at

- Rewrite request from my agent on my picture book adaptation.
- Request from the client for the job I put a bid down on for my bio and a writing sample. So at least I'm still in the running.
- Note from Baen's Universe on a story they're holding for consideration. Apparently they're overbought and have established a buying and submissions freeze until October. I'm free to withdraw and submit elsewhere (and resub to them when they reopen) or let it ride, with a warning that a response might be a long while coming. Argh! That story has already been languishing there since March.

Club 100 For Writers


Geographic spread of my readers.

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