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Calling back, health insurance, adventures in skunk shedding

So yeah, the guy from the other day called back. Not really something worthy of all the fretting. I'd subbed my info to a self-employed workers organization that offered health insurance to its members, and asked their insurance provider to contact me with details. I very carefully clicked the "only contact me through email" button, but apparently that's only there for ornamental purposes. *snort* Insurance guy was all jolly and upbeat until I said "lupus" and then you could've heard the crash and burn.

Yep, I'm an automatic decline. Lovely.

Been reading the "A New Horror Subgenre: Health Insurance For the Self-Employed" article by Doranna Durgin in the last issue of the SFWA Bulletin. It's depressing beyond depressing how many options for health insurance I don't have.

Twelve weeks until my COBRA runs out.

In lighter news, Hobkin is shedding like fuzz has gone out of fashion. There's rolling drifts of white fluff tumbleweed billowing through our house. So yesterday after dinner, I got out the brush, waited for Hobkin to curl up beside me on the couch and start snoring, and then I went to work.

fosteronfilm helped collect the fuzzy detritus, and soon had a pretty impressive ball of shed fur next to him. And he sez: "You're going to brush Hobkin until there's nothing left, and then *poof*, he'll be beside me instead."

I giggled.

Didn't manage to execute a feat of skunk-teleportation-via-brush, but Hobkin looks decidedly sleeker. I think he'll be more comfortable now.


Writing Stuff

You can now pre-order Aegri Somnia, both the trade paperback ($14.95) and the shiny, shiny limited edition hardcover ($29.95).

Release date: Early December 2006. The first 200 trade paperback and 50 hardback copies pre-ordered and purchased will be signed by the contributors, the cover artist, and the editor. (Oof, that's 250 signature plates I'll be scribbling on soon.)

Aegri Somnia contributors:
Cherie Priest (cmpriest), Scott Nicholson, Steven Savile, Lavie Tidhar, Christopher Rowe, Mari Adkins, Rhonda Eudaly (reudaly), Angeline Hawkes (angelinehawkes), Nancy Fulda, Jennifer Pelland (jenwrites), Eugie Foster, and Bryn Sparks.

Also, Sages & Swords is selling out, and they're not doing another print run!

From the publisher: "If you haven't purchased your copy of Pitch-Black's critically acclaimed heroic fantasy anthology Sages and Swords, you'd better hurry! The anthology will not be reprinted upon sell-through. There are currently very few copies available in-house and not many more in our distributor's warehouse.

Sages and Swords includes 14 heroic fantasy stories from authors such as Tanith Lee, Eugie Foster, Howard Andrew Jones, Harold Lamb, and many others."

New Words:
- 800 on the current freelance gig.

Club 100 For Writers


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