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NPR live streaming & LiveJournal Breastfeeding Icon Boycott Day

This morning, I discovered the public radio station's (WABE 90.1) live streaming broadcast after a very unfruitful search for our portable radio. I've been too out of touch, holed up in my library-office as I am, day-in-and-day-out. I've missed listening to Morning Edition, and I think insulating myself from basic world news and events is also impacting my writing scope. NPR rawketh.

And for everyone either participating in or sympathetic to the cause: Happy LiveJournal Breastfeeding Icon Boycott Day. Power to the people.

I'm choosing not to delete my journal today, not because I don't support and believe in the cause, but because I'm not convinced that that action would be an effective protest method. Personally, I like zhai's suggestion: "I think what everyone ought to do is organize an effort to simultaneously post naked primary user icons on the same day."

I did, however, sign the petition and urge everyone else to.


Writing Stuff

- "The Archer of the Sun and the Lady of the Moon" is now out in the new issue (#9) of Paradox.

- Another painful glowing rejection from an editor via my agent for my middle-grade novel: "I love the concept and the literary, dream-like quality of Eugie Foster’s prose. I also appreciate that friendship is a main theme of the novel. However . . . " And she goes on to say: "Clearly Eugie Foster is a tremendous talent . . ."

Waaah!! Today might be a good day for ice cream therapy. Or gin.

And we're still waiting on a verdict from the editor who requested a picture book manuscript. *twitch* Waiting hard.

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