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Deleting drama? And V for Vendetta

Erm, several people on my flist (deannahoak, nwhyte, neil_beren, shawn_scarber, and snurri) have suddenly deleted their LJs in the last few hours. Did I miss something?

Watched V for Vendetta yesterday. I very much liked it. I bet Hollywood was biting its nails about this one, what with the hero using terrorist tactics and all. Natalie Portman did a very convincing job of portraying Evey, a woman whose conscience and sense of moral obligation are crippled by her fear. However, there was a certain gratuitous feel to the superhero element, like it wasn't necessary for the story. The dystopic vision and the call for the common people to rise up against a corrupt and abusive government were powerful enough without resorting to flashy fight scenes.

The mood of this movie was closer to 1984 than to Zorro, and the action elements felt a bit out of place. Still, there was a certain satisfaction to the beat-em-up parts in the opening, and the action did lighten a movie which otherwise would've been pretty grim. I haven't read the comic book, so I don't know whether the character of V was fleshed out better in the original source material.


Writing Stuff

Finished composing and sent off my answers to Lynne Jamneck's interview questions.

Also put down a bid for a freelance opportunity. This whole "bid" thing is totally new to me. How much I've been paid as a writer has been all across the board, and I've never been the one to dictate how much I get.

I definitely want this job, but I don't want to undervalue myself either. Just because I've accepted peanuts for writing something doesn't mean I think my writing isn't worth more. It's a pragmatist thing. If I only make a pittance, it's still a pittance more than I had.

I've got no idea whether my bid was competitive or not. It's for an article-writing gig which also involves some comprehensive research, and instead of charging an hourly fee for the research and pairing that with a per-word rate for the articles, I bundled everything together into a flat rate for the articles with research included.

Was that the right thing to do? I have no idea. I'm so out of my depth.

New Words/Editing:
- 900 on the Swan Lake story that I've been neglecting. Very relieved to be putting some wordage down again on fiction, even if the words came out at 3AM, as in this case.
- 400 on my current freelance gig, plus editing passes on previous words. Hoping to wrap this baby up in the next day or so and get it out the door.

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