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Emotional roller coaster . . . wheeee!

So we dropped Hobkin off with his godmom, tossed the last minute sundries into the suitcase, and I was burning Escape Pod podcasts to a CD for the long drive, when we got a call from fosteronfilm's brother. In what can only be described as a miraculous recovery, my dad-in-law got better!*

It seems his system isn't able to expel carbon dioxide properly anymore, and it had built up to a toxic level, resulting in this recent scariness. But with him on the respirator and them doing whatever it is they do to purge the CO2 out of him, he started perking up. They took him off the respirator, and as of yesterday, not only was he breathing on his own, but he was sitting up, lucid, and talking, and they're expecting him to be able to go home soon! He still can't get rid of CO2 on his own, but apparently they've got ways to deal with that.

Matthew called his mom, and she's so confident in his recovery that she's planning on going back to school next week**. After much discussion, fosteronfilm and I decided to postpone our exodus to Illinois until July--when we were planning on visiting originally--unless Dad-in-law worsens again.

Off we went to retrieve Hobkin, who was pretty excited to see us, although I'm sure also a bit puzzled at what all the to-and-fro-ing was about, and today I'm installed back in my office, happily working away.

This has been quite a week. I'm dazed and drained, but also delighted and very, very relieved. Thank you to everyone who sent your thoughts, concerns, and support. Y'all are wonderful.

*My opinion of their GP has plummeted to an all time low. It strikes me as egregiously irresponsible, callous, and incompetent to tell someone not to expect their loved one to recover, that there's nothing left they can do, when there's obviously still a reason to hope and procedures to try. I just want to slap that man into orbit.
**Although technically retired, my mom-in-law enjoys working and she teaches 2nd grade at a private academy--which is a way nicer job than her pre-retirement one, which was for a public school.


Writing Stuff

Started compiling references and material for the article I'm writing next for

- Galley proofs from Paradox for "The Archer of the Sun and the Lady of the Moon."
- 91-day pass from OSC's IGMS with a "we would like to encourage you you to send more of your work to us for consideration"

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