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Fairy portals sprouting in Michigan

dean13 sent along this link from NPR on wee fairy doors popping up in Ann Arbor, MI. I want one! Although I'm inclined to think there's already one under Hobkin's hutch . . .

[Edit: dean13 found the artist's website: (*squee!*)]


Writing Stuff

New Words/Editing:
- 1000 on the middle-grade novel --> Picture book effort. Only halfway into the story and my word count limit's just about up. Urp. Must cut and tighten. Daunted has become intimidated.

- Payment for my "When the Guidelines Say for Children 7 to 12" article. The editor said it'll probably be published in June.
- Acceptance and contract for my "10 Myths About Writing for Kids" article from

And now I'm thinking I need to start seriously considering doing lots more nonfiction. Dwelling on trying my hand at writing nonfiction for kids. I think I'd be decent at it. And this whole query/pitch->green light->pay thing, where I know I'll get paid before I write something, there's definite appeal there.

Club 100 For Writers


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