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Break between words

So, last night during my DC2K writers group chat, we decided on a new challenge: Write a Halloween story by 10/17. This challenge has caught my imagination (Halloween is my second favorite holiday of the year--and before I met Matthew, it was my very favoritest), so I've already started on it. I'm about 500 words in, and now I'm pondering where I want it to go. I'm pleased to be creating something new again. Nice musey musey musey.

Hobkin's a fuzzy lump on my lap. Need to get the camera up and going again. Prime cute moments have missed their opportunity to be captured unto perpetuity. Fortunately, he keeps raising the cuteness bar, so I think we're good.

And hey, I just discovered that the LJ community LJdrama appears to have been suspended. Okay, it was a guilty, evil pleasure. But why was it suspended? Bummer.

Matthew and I watched Monsters, Inc. last night. The Blockbuster (hiss) around the corner runs these "Rent 10 movies for $25 and get a free DVD." If you do the math, you'll see that it's a pretty sweet deal. Last time we did it, the free movie was Shrek. This time, it's Monsters, Inc.. Go, Pixar! The next one will be Spiderman, but, quite frankly, I don't think we'll go for that one. Neither of us were big enough fans of Spiderman to feel impelled to own it, plus by that time, I think we'll be scraping the barrel for movies we want to rent.

I'm feeling much better now (said in that spooky voice from the little girl in Sixth Sense). Ready to take on the world. Or, lounge around and watch movies with Matthew and Hobkin.

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