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4AM awake bad

Blah. Woke up at 4AM this morning. The motion detector light went off outside and made it seem like twilight to my fuddled senses, thereby rousing me. Since I was awake, I decided to check email and then go back to sleep. Big mistake. Huge. Checked email, and three hours later, I was still awake, so went upstairs to work in the library. Now the dearth of sleep is hitting me, but if I nap now, I'll lose the day.

Should I take an Adderall and have some tea or go back to sleep? Decisions, decisions.

My brain's too muzzy to be coherent, therefore I give you skunk pictures:

With Hobkin, it's often a puzzle figuring out which end is the head. fosteronfilm calls him a skunk-fungus when he's like this--striped mushroom skunk. Yep

Skunk ears are so cute! Hobkin also likes having them rubbed.

His profile in repose on my leg.


Writing Stuff

Took on another freelance job on a trial basis--to see if I like the gig and if the client likes my work. The pay's not nearly as good and the assignment isn't as interesting as the last one, but it's money.
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