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On the Mend

Had a nice relaxing day yesterday, napping and lying about. Matthew went out and rented Serendipity (at my instigation) and then we camped out on the couch, with popcorn and warm drinks, and watched it while Hobkin lounged on top of us.

Twas a flawed movie. Fun, but I'm glad we didn't pay money to see it in the theater. Very predictable, with more than its share of sap, but a good "Eugie's sick" sort of film.

I'm on the mend. I decided to take another day off from work. Just going to take it easy and cruise into the weekend.

Hoping that I'll be well enough by Saturday to make a trip into town to the Science Fiction and Mystery Bookshop.

Also got a note back from Jane Jewell at the SFWA. She's expediting my membership application. Looks like I squeaked enough to get some oil.

And got a note from Planet Relish. They're looking for a fiction editor and I sent a note to them saying I'd be interested in their consideration. It's a volunteer position ("for now," they said) and a semi-pro webzine, but it looks like it'd be good experience. Not to mention fun. They sent a questionnaire to all their applicants and from the answers I sent back, I'm short-listed on their "to call" list. It's nice, for a change, not to feel stressed about an interview. I'd like this opportunity, but it is unpaid and would take up a huge amount of my time, so if I don't get it, there's plenty of argument for "it's for the best."

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