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Happy Anniversary to Us!

It's our anniversary. Fourteen years ago today, fosteronfilm and I were married in a private ceremony beside a waterfall in the Pocono Mountains. Matthew is my best friend, my sweetheart, my helpmeet, my confidant, my joy, and my sanctuary; he's my everything.

Happy Anniversary to us!

And, amusingly apropos, a link ganked from teflaime: The Kama Sutra as performed by gummi bears.


Writing Stuff

7 out of 7 sections on the research/writing freelance gig completed. Counting on my toes, yes, that is indeed the whole thing. Whee! Donedonedonedone.

Before sending it off, I want to do a few passes for editing and style, and make sure I didn't contradict myself somewhere or make any embarrassing gaffes. But for the most part, it's ready to go.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: writing nonfiction is tons easier than writing fiction.

And for my next freelance job, I've tentatively tossed my hat into the ring for a gig to write up wedding veil descriptions. Ah, the glamorous life of a freelance writer. Snerk. Until I get concrete specs and confirmation, it's back to work on le fiction. Except my gears seem in need of oil. I'm having a hard time disengaging from analytical scientist mode and activating creative fantasist mode. *shakes muse*

As a serendipitous segue, I'm writing up my answers for two interviews: my Apex Digest featured writer one (psst: Buy a Best of Apex Digest 2005 chapbook, yo!), and also one from a college student who found her way to my ferret and skunk website, and is writing a paper on animal rights and how the Internet has impacted the movement. So, yeah, I need to make sure I send the right interview to the right interviewer or crazy wackiness may ensue.

- The tentative ToC from jimhines for Heroes in Training. Tentative still, so I can't post it, but I can engage in some preliminary squeeage. *squee!*
- 111-day personal "pass" from Fantasy Magazine. They "thought the story was well-written, but . . . " Snartleblast.

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