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Remington Steele and Apex Digest Best of 2005 anthology

Completed five and a half out of seven sections of my research/writing freelance gig, and the 1.5 sections left are all applied, so I can lay off the theory, note taking, and brain scrunching.

Therefore, with a whole week left until my deadline, I took a little time to breathe this weekend . . . which still translated to 10-hour days working on the project. But having a few hours free in the evening felt pretty decadent to me.

Because Pierce Brosnan is teh hotness, I watched the first four episodes of season one of Remington Steele with fosteronfilm, courtesy Netflix. I didn't see it when it first aired, but I've been curious about it, because, well, Pierce Brosnan and all. It was fun, not terribly well written, but not atrociously so either, but definitely somewhat time-branded. However, it did exactly what I wanted it to do, which is show lotso yummy Pierce--looking very young--albeit in three-piece suits.

So yeah, the second season one disk is going into our Netflix queue.


Writing Stuff

This whole writing for pay thing, I like it. It's nice having the certainty of a paycheck as I'm working on something. It's almost like having a job. Almost.

- "Oranges, Lemons, and Thou Beside Me" in the Apex Digest Best of 2005: Volume II anthology.

Table of Contents:
"Layers" by Mike Simon
"Big Sister/Little Sister" by Jennifer Pelland (jenwrites)
"An Odd Day in I-Forgot" by Athena Workman
"Oranges, Lemons, and Thou Beside Me" by Eugie Foster

This sweet little chapbook is only $2.50, and if you buy it with Volume I, both of are only $4.00.

You know you want it. Buuuuy it . . .

- In a conjunction of timely serendipity, an email from Matthew Tait, editor/reviewer for HorrorScope, letting me know he'd reviewed "Oranges, Lemons, and Thou Beside Me" in Apex #4.

"It's a well-rounded tale with appealing characters, and brushes on incestuous erotica as Sabin - the war vet - tries to veil his feelings for his twin sister who greets him upon returning. An important plot twist involves their servant, with a finale that will not be easy to deduce and is shocking in its shrewdness."
--Matthew Tait, HorrorScope

And issue 4 of Apex is sold out, so if you want to read the story, you have to buy the anthology.

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