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Beastie updates

Went out to feed the cat this morning, and I saw the teeniest, tiniest, adorablest snail latched onto the edge of her food dish, undoubtedly brought out by the deluge we had last night:

That's my thumb on the left for size comparison.

I think the kitty knows I'm trying to get closer to her. She's been visiting and chowing down on the food I set out during the wee hours of the night when I'm unlikely to be peering out the window. Getting a little anxious; I'm running out of leftover ferret food.

In other beastie-related news, Hobkin hasn't sicked up in over a week, which makes me very, very happy.


Writing Stuff

I've hit the Eugie-overwhelmed, brain-useless-now stage of my research project, so I switched from poring over theory to writing up the applied sections. Making good progress. I've got three out of seven sections completed--give or take a citation or two. Hoping to have a couple more squared away by the end of this weekend.

- Preliminary sketch from Dragonfly Spirit for "A Patch of Jewels in the Sky." I know it's not industry practice to involve the writer in the art selection or development, so I don't expect to be consulted, but I always really appreciate it when I am. Also, *squee!* I think it's going to turn out to be quite spectacular.
- 91-day form "no" from Polphony. Sigh.

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