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Researching, yo

Researching. Researching. Researching. fosteronfilm had to drag me out of the library last night for dinner. There's just so many papers and articles I need to read, and those spin me off into online ad hoc research. Don't have time to eat, dammit.

I remember why I chose this area in college; I'm finding the subject matter utterly fascinating. Although I noticed that I'm not even bothering to go over the statistics sections of research papers; I just jump to the conclusion paragraphs. I have a feeling all those advanced stats classes are well and goodly flushed out of my system. Sigh.


Writing Stuff

basletum is interviewing me for his "Giving it Meaning" column at The Sword Review. Been pondering my answers between reading Dev. Psych. articles. I'm trying to convey my philosophy that having an insightful, relevant theme is what lifts a story from the realm of entertainment into that of art without sounding all highfalutin' and ostentatious. The thing is, I do believe there's nothing wrong with a story just being entertainment; a lot of mine are, and I make no apologies about it. But I think I'm coming across as pretentious. Maybe I just need to embrace my inner beatnik.

- Contract from GrendelSong for "Shim Chung the Lotus Queen."
- Reprint sale of "Only Springtime When She's Gone" to Apex Online. This'll go up in May to accompany my "Featured Writer" interview. Yay!

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