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Frolicon. Whee! *flop*

In recovery mode now. Think it's going to be a slow, easy couple of days.

My first panel was the Writers for Relief one with jackzodiac and tstauffer. Many copies sold and good-natured jibbing and accolades at Davey for his incredible job at putting the whole project together.

Then I found out (!) that I had a reading that evening in the con suite. As anyone who reads my blog on any sort of a regular basis knows, public speaking freaks the ever-living bejeebers out of me. The idea of doing a reading, cold, was enough to turn me into a whimpering, twitching mess.

I was debating between having fosteronfilm read something for me, and simply hiding out until my time slot was over, when Matthew came up with the inspired idea of playing the Escape Pod podcast of "My Friend is a Lesbian Zombie"--it was even an appropriately-themed story for the convention. Problem: we didn't have a sound system or a CD of the podcast. Fortunately, bamapair had swung by for my panel and very generously offered the use of their laptop to download it; the hotel had free WiFi even. And Joe had brought his kicking boom box for the con suite. Serendipity.

"Lesbian Zombie" went over well, with giggles and snarfs in the proper places, so I then put on "The Life and Times of Penguin" to more giggles. So much better than if I'd tried to muddle through a reading. Thank you Escape Pod!

And speaking of the Con Suite, major props go out to Joe, God Emperor of Con Suites. This was by far the best Fantasm/Frolicon con suite evah for food, drink, and general ambiance:

fosteronfilm and Joe boogieing down in the Con Suite.

Con Suite bunnies for Easter

After my "reading" we swung by homeward to feed Hobkin and get ready for the evening parties. When we got back, we hooked up with the gorgeously costumed terracinque:

As Zatanna on Friday

As Melody (a la Josie and the Pussycats) on Saturday

And caught the hypnosis show, where dude_the volunteered to be one of the victims subjects:

We all joined up with bamapair, pyanfar, and jackzodiac and then it was parties, parties, parties.

viylette as a lovely Arabian dancing girl. I noticed a prevalent theme at Frolicon: pirates and harem girls.

fosteronfilm and stuffed camel, both listing slightly

Saturday I had my two panels with jackzodiac and tstauffer, "Fairytales and Folklore in Modern Dark/Horror Fiction" and "Twisted Relationships in Fiction" a grueling back-to-back three hour session which we all made breeze by with a liberal application of booze.

We also caught the fashion show:

The Melanie half of bamapair as an amazing Tarna

And I mentioned pirates didn't I? Lego pirate gaming!

fings playing pirate ships.

Much fun. I sleep now.


Writing Stuff

- 102-day YFOP from Realms of Fantasy.
- Check and promo material for "Souls of Living Wood" in Modern Magic.

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