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dude_the is here. Yay!

Beastie updates:

Hobkin: Sicked up on Thursday, but he didn't yesterday. We're trying to feed him smaller, more frequent meal to see if that helps. 'Course that means he's getting fed something like five or six times a day. Don't want him to get used to that. Plus we can't keep that up over the weekend 'cause of Frolicon. Not sure if we're going into town tonight for the convention or waiting until tomorrow to get our registration et al. taken care of.

Kitty: No cat sightings, but she's been chowing down on the food I've been setting out. I've refilled the bowl three times in the last two days.


Writing Stuff

- Contract from Aberrant Dreams for "Nobodies and Somebodies." My editor liked my rewrite. Huzzah!

New Words:
- 1K on the story for mroctober. Chug chug chugging along . . .

Club 100 For Writers


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