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Frolicon and Taxes

fosteronfilm and I are striving to get our taxes done before Frolicon, but the IRS doesn't exactly go out of its way to provide clear and easy-to-understand documentation. Blah.

Herein my Frolicon schedule:

11-12:30 Lombard 1 - Writer's for Relief (with jackzodiac and tstauffer) - Discover what it took to bring about Writers for Relief from the conceptual phase through the printing of the anthology.

3:30-5 Lombard 1 - Fairytales and Folklore in Modern Dark/Horror Fiction (with jackzodiac and tstauffer) - Explore the origins of many of the images found in today's genre fiction. How do today's dark/horror fiction writers turn age old images upside down and make them modern and edgy?

5-6:30 Lombard 1 - Twisted Relationships in Fiction (with jackzodiac and tstauffer) - What happens when the obvious love relationship is turned on its head? How do you construct twisted but believable relationships in short fiction that won't leave your reader cold, but panting for more? Why are we drawn to the twisted and unexpected?

Whoa. Saturday's going to be a bit grueling. Three hours straight, back-to-back. Good thing I'll be up there with Davey and Toni. I can gab forever with those fab folks.

And I haven't prepared anything either. I probably ought to jot down some notes or something beforehand.

I've become much more cavalier about these panels than I used to be . . .


Writing Stuff

New Words:
- 600 on the collaboration I'm doing with mtrimm1, and I volley the ball back over the net. Me likie having someone else to bounce ideas off of, not to mention being able to hand off a story when I hit that "okay, that part's done . . . now what?" wall.
- 1K on the story for mroctober. It's taking on a decidedly Lovecraftian feel.

Club 100 For Writers



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