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Pending Human/Present Cat Caller

dude_the is flying in for Frolicon tomorrow evening. Hurray! House cleaning must commenceth . . .

For the last few days we've had a four-legged caller, a petite, gray and white kitty, very pretty and very fluffy-looking. She's been hanging out on our porch, lounging by our front step and bird watching among our holly trees. I managed to snap a picture of her through the window:

She's a dainty thing. In the picture she looks rounder than she actually is. I don't think she's thin, just sleek, although I can't be sure through her fur. I'm not seeing ribs, though, which is good, and her coat looks pretty healthy.

Behavior-wise, she's not terribly skittish; when she saw me peering at her through the window, she approached--although, of course, there was still a wall between us. But when I opened the door, she bolted. I'm betting she's someone's outdoor cat and not a feral, but just in case, I've been putting food out for her. (We've got a bag of leftover dry ferret food that we never got around to giving away to a shelter.) She ate the first bowl of kibble I put out, but didn't snarf down the second, so I don't think she's starving or anything like that. Although I do worry that she'll get hit by a car as we've got a road by our house which gets fairly heavy traffic during the rush hours.

I'd like to be able to figure out whether she's someone's pet or if she's feral, or perhaps if she's someone's ex-pet looking for a new home, but I'm not sure how to proceed. Obviously, we can't adopt her if she's in need of a home--between Hobkin and my cat allergies, that simply isn't a tenable option--but we could get her to a vet, make sure she's spayed/neutered, and make sure she's properly looked after for the duration while we try to find a good home for her. I figured I'd keep putting food out for her and trying to get her to come to me so I can look her over better--see if she's thin, has all her claws, determine whether "she" is actually a "he," that sort of thing.

She's a sweet-looking thing. I hope she doesn't kill the birds who flit around our holly trees.


Writing Stuff

It's my turn on a collab. story I'm doing with mtrimm1. I've never done a collaboration before. It's exciting . . . and a little intimidating.

- Galley proofs for my two flash pieces, "The Wiggly People" and "Sins of the Mother," for the Dark Cloud Press Thou Shalt Not anthology. The editor said he plans to send the finished product to the printers by early May. Rah!

New Words:
- 500 on a story for mroctober. This one's going to be short, a one-scener. (*smacks muse* "You hear me? I said short!")

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