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My subwoofer is haunted

I've mentioned before that my house seems to be mildly haunted, especially the electrical system. Actually, it's a tossup between ghostly activity or fey mischief, but whatever the fantastical root cause, another weirdness happened yesterday. While I was working upstairs in the library, jamming to the Opera Babes, my subwoofer suddenly blared out male voices speaking incomprehensible gibberish. Definitely not Opera Babes. Since I was doing something with IE at the time, I thought I'd accidentally stumbled upon a website with annoying sound effects* and slapped the mute button on my laptop. No more Opera Babes, but the gabblespeak kept coming out. It faded away in a couple seconds as I stared with unnerved incomprehension at my speaker.


Today I'm playing some Loreena McKennitt and Vienna Teng, a pianist/vocalist yukinooruoni recently introduced to me, to see if that mollifies or incites the fey/phantoms to repeat their auditory outburst. So far, only lilting female voices.

In other unworldly amusement news, I discovered a little bit of whimsy that has restored a smidgen of my faith in society. There's got to be greatness in a culture that comes up with The Necronomicon as a plush book for pre-schoolers. Yep, you too can give a lucky toddler of your acquaintance a plushy book that summons Elder Gods. I totally want one.

*[rant] I hate websites that play unbidden music or have sound effects, especially ones that don't provide me the option of turning them off. If I've got my speakers on, it's because I want to hear what I'm playing, not have some noise pollution foisted on me. [/rant]


Writing Stuff

Inspired by cmpriest's LJ post of her new work area in their Seattle digs, I decided to likewise post images of my writing environment. My cluttered desk:

The shelf behind my laptop is where I store all my writing paperwork--a folder for each story to hold contracts, rejections, notes, and other editorial/agent correspondences, receipts, etc. Above it are the two shelves where I keep my contrib. copies (along with various family publications--the couple mystery novels my dad-in-law wrote, the library cataloging reference books my mom wrote, etc.) and, of course, the boring-but-obligatory office supplies.

Off to the left, in the sibling bookcase, you can see in a frame my very first acceptance letter, the one from Cicada for "The Adventures of Manny the Mailmobile." And dangling from the frame, my Phobos Award.

The pyramid painting above the printer is nice, but it's more to fosteronfilm's taste. I'd like to replace it with something more Eugie-ish eventually, maybe an enlargement of one of my story illustrations.

On my right is my bookshelf devoted to the works of Tanith Lee, also surplus office supply run-off, and the postage scale I finally broke down and got. The picture behind the trio of dragons is the one Heather Hudson did for "The Storyteller's Wife" in Realms of Fantasy.

The library also doubles as our guest room. As you can see, a lot of my stuffed animal collection lives on top of and within the bookshelves, or as dude_the--who has slept in there more than anyone else--puts it: "many, many fuzzy things with dark beady eyes that stare glassy stares of judgment from where they perch among your library of tomes as resolute as fluffy stones, bearing mute witness upon the world."

- Saw that issue #21 of Faeries, with a French reprint of "Returning My Sister's Face," is out. Pretty cover:

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