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Hobkin's Spring Tummy

Hobkin's not feeling well, which might explain his lackluster behavior on Friday. Not a very nice birthday present for the poor lil guy. His tummy's upset; he's been sicking up his dinners, and the food that makes it through his system goes through . . . too fast. Again, I'm very, very thankful he's so good about being sick exclusively in his area.

This has become a seasonal thing for him. When Spring comes around, his GI tract turns all delicate and fussy. It really worries me. fosteronfilm thinks it's just something that happens, the way babies just get sick all the time. But I'm inclined to fret and stew.

Hobkin remains active and alert, with a good appetite, and using the "scruff test"* he's not dehydrated, so there's not much reason for him to see the vet again. We've brought him in for this before, and they haven't been able to figure out what's causing it. They give us some anti-nausea meds and tell us to treat the symptoms, a regimen we've got down. His yearly blood work has always come back fine--into the "excellent" spectrum, typically--so it's not something that seems to be impacting his overall health, nutrition absorption, and other long-term factors. But I just wish I knew what was causing this. I keep wondering if he's got some sort of food allergy, but it manifests mostly during specific times of the year, and we haven't changed anything in his diet recently.


*We learned with the ferrets a down-and-dirty way to check whether a critter is dehydrated: Pinch the fur at the scruff of their neck and release it, and if the fur doesn't de-scruff immediately, they're dehydrated.


Writing Stuff

Did some more fiddling with my website over the weekend: added a couple new markets to my Children's Market Listing, adjusted some font settings on my CSS page, tweaked some content, and made some layout adjustments. Also realized that I can now embed my LJ using JavaScript instead of the in-line frames I've been reduced to before.

A website is never "done," is it? I've got to just put the thing aside and get back to writing. It's sucking up way too much of my time, and I've got a backlog of stories that I ought to be working on.

Beginning to eye my submission spreadsheet. I've got several stories out that have responses due any day now on. I try not to dwell on response times, since down that road lies madness. (Maaaadness!) But, well, insanity happens. Also, there's a couple markets that I submitted multiple stories to (in one case at their request, in the other I just had two stories that were appropriate pop into availability during their reading period) where they ended up buying one but didn't mention the other(s). Should I treat that as an oblique rejection, I wonder? I've queried one place, no word back yet. Debating when/if I should query the other.

I frequently multi-sub to a couple places--the Cricket folks most notably--but those are publications I've sold to before and I know the routine. But these markets are break-in sales for me, and in one case the publication is new. Snoglewart. I should quit mulling and just query already. There's probably a "and this, boys and girls, is why you shouldn't multi-sub" moral in there, but I'm a fan of multi-subs so my internal narrator can get stuffed.
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