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Hobkin's 4th B-day: tomorrow

Wingstubs hurting me a lot these last couple days. Not helping my stymied writing mindset. But, since it hurts to make words, I give you pictures!

It's Hobkin's birthday tomorrow. The lil guy will be four years old.

Hmm. He looks a bit depressed. Is four a big milestone year among skunks, I wonder?

I don't think he wants a lot of fanfare for this birthday. I bet he'll feel differently when it's cake time.


Writing Stuff

I saw on the Galaktika website that #193 is out with my story "All in My Mind" in it, in Hungarian. Looking forward to getting my contrib. copies . . . and check. The cover's very SFnal shiny:

- An editing tweak request for my Aegri Somnia story, "Nothing of Me." Pondering.
- Note from the Modern Magic editor asking me to confirm my mailing address for my contrib. copy. Must be getting close now . . .

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