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Pictures and Power

Watched the new episode of House last night. Does Michelle Trachtenberg only play imperiled-and-annoying teeny-boppers??

In a fit of cat waxing, I scanned in and printed out some of my favorite illustrations from various stories I've had published. I'm adding them to the existing decor on the walls of my library office. Pretty and inspirational to combat those times when I'm hammered by writerly angst and frustration.

Like now.

In the process, I Googled the artists, and I was delighted to stumble across the full painting of "Returning My Sister's Face" by Allen Douglas. The one in Realms of Fantasy had text across it, and I think they cropped it slightly when they published it.

Now I'm wondering what contracts for magazine illustrations and other commissioned artwork are like and how they compare to the sorts of contracts I see as a writer. Also wondering whether the original is for sale. Not that I could afford to buy it even if it was . . .

And I need more frames.


Writing Stuff

Still haven't heard back from Tangent's webmaster regarding our forum spamming problem, so armed with a greater understanding of cPanel features after my virtual move, I went into Tangent's back end and banned the IP addresses of some of the most egregious offenders all by myself.

I have the power! . . . I think.

- Finished up the edits on "Nothing of Me" and sent them back for approval.


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