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Virtual relocation: packing, moving truck, and unpacking--cardboard boxes everywhere

Decided to move to a new host on Sunday for a bunch of reasons, including so I could have greater server-side control and so I wouldn't have to use a domain mask anymore; each page now has its own URL.

For folks using my Children's Markets Listing, you might want to update your bookmarks to: I've got a redirect from the previous address, but y'know, there it is.

There's a lot of coordination involved with shunting a virtual thing from one cyberlocation to another. It reminded me a lot of a physical move--a process I absolutely abhor--with virtual parallels to packing, carting everything over to the new place, and then unpacking and deciding where everything should go. I didn't have to fret over the burly guys in the moving trucks breaking or losing my stuff, but I did have a couple virtual "Agh! Where did I pack the can opener?" moments.

Packing--that is, informing my domain registrar of the new server locale, and sorting through/neatening up my files--went smoothly, but there was a slight holdup with the carting stuff over part. Actually, that went about as smoothly as a crocodile with a rash, resulting in mad scrambling and hair pulling. If anyone sent an email to me at my address on Sunday evening and I haven't responded, you might want to resend it. There was a half hour to forty-five minute in there during which I fear some incoming emails may have been flung into a deep, dark cyber-oubliette.

After everything got properly relocated, as I was "unpacking," I decided to do some structural tweaks. These "tweaks" sucked up all my attention yesterday and this morning, and they still aren't done. However, I've got a backlog of writing/editing work that's clamoring for my attention, and I'm having to back-burner it.

If you swing by my website, I hope you'll excuse the mess. (Also, if folks not using IE as their web browser could let me know if there's anything which looks really bizarre, that would be greatly appreciated.)


Writing Stuff

- Edits from Jason Sizemore on my Aegri Somnia story, "Nothing of Me."
- Contract from Gisele LeBlanc for "A Patch of Jewels in the Sky." It's slated for publication in Dragonfly Spirit in June.
- 6-day rejection from new UK 'zine, Forgotten Worlds, with invite to submit again. Strange wording/spelling snafu on the rejection made me do a double-take: "Thank you for your resent submission to Forgotten Worlds. We regret that it has been unsuccessful." The misspelling of "recent" caused me to pause for a moment, wondering if they'd asked me to "resend" my story--and I had totally forgotten any such happenings--and through some electronic boo-boo, they hadn't received it. But then I figured my memory's not that fractured yet, and besides, how would they know it hadn't been successful if they hadn't received it? So yeah, it's a rejection. Check.

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