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Colin Firth and Big Monkey

Finally got to watch Pride and Prejudice, the mini-series with Colin Firth. Yup, there's oodles of yumminess there. fosteronfilm was perplexed as to what it was I (and all the other Firth-fans) found so delectable about Mr. Darcy. I summed it up as "sexy-but-vulnerable-arrogance," but I don't think he gets it.

Also saw the new King Kong, courtesy Netflix, and I really liked it. When I saw it was 3+ hours, I thought I'd be clamoring "big monkey already, dammit!" through the whole beginning, but surprising myself, I thought it was well paced. The characters had depth, even (or perhaps especially) Jack Black's, and I am Naomi Watts's newest fan. Not only is she teh hotness, but I'm astonished how much emotion she managed to convey with so few lines. And, of course, there were indeed many excellent big monkey scenes. Although why anyone would ever want to go to Skull Island is beyond me. Giant leggy worms . . . *shudder*


Writing Stuff

It appears the Tangent forum has been discovered by spammers, and they are seriously ticking me off. There's especially one repeat spammer who I've IDed and reported to their ISP's abuse address, and he STILL keeps posting his stupid little spam links. I delete them as soon as they pop up, and I've asked our webmistress if there's a way to block individual IP addresses but haven't heard back from her yet. Anyone know of anything else I can do? Argh. So annoying.

- Contrib. copies of #292 of Ennea with "Fade to Black" in Greek in it. Rah.
- Galley proofs of "Souls of Living Wood" from William Horner for Modern Magic. Also got to see the full-sized artwork that'll be accompanying my story, and it's absolutely gorgeous. I don't know if I'm allowed to display it, so if you're curious, it's the house illustration on the Fantasist Enterprises Modern Magic page. But bigger.
- 50-day "well received here, but . . . " from Abyss & Apex with invite to submit again.

New words:
Zero. Zip. Nada. There's no such thing as writer's block. *twitch* There'snosuchthingaswriter'sblock! *pant pant pant*


The Heian Era is still very much at the forefront of my muse processes, and I'm wondering if I should just run with one of the stories ideas there instead of trying to force a folktale or novel chapter when those simply aren't gelling right now.

I hate my muse.

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