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Returned from the Midwest and COBRA

We got home safe and sound. The snow stopped; the roads were clear. Hobkin was glad to see us and has spent the last couple days cuddled against my side--which makes it difficult to do anything but lie there being a skunk pillow. But now I'm refreshed and recuperated, and Hobkin is adhered to fosteronfilm's side. Time to charge back into the trenches.

Received official word that my COBRA benefits expire at the end of August--a fact I knew, but having them send me a reminder letter has ramped up the stress. I'm hoping that my HMO will be willing to continue covering us under an individual policy, but I'm not sure how likely that is, considering all my pre-existing health conditions. And if they do, I have no idea how much it'll cost. Of course, if they don't, I'm royally screwed. I keep wanting to go "I'll worry about this later" but it's almost April. Too much later and I'll be out of time as well as medical coverage. Urk.

I could really go for a national health plan about now. Stupid country.


Writing Stuff

Alas, I didn't make it onto the Campbell Award ballot, but I hadn't really expected to. However, I have to admit being rather crestfallen that Tangent didn't get a Hugo nod. Pook.

Crits for "A Thread of Silk" continue to trickle in (thanks aliettedb, basletum, and wbledbetter!). So far, it's being well received. I'm seriously dwelling upon splitting the epilogue into an epilogue and prologue.

During a very long stretch on I-24, I plotted out the next couple scenes on my novel. If the muse is kind, I want to get those on the page today.

- Contrib. copy of Here & Now #7. Finally.
- Contrib. copy of Oceans of the Mind XIX.

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