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Err, it's snowing up here. That's . . . unexpected, not to mention worrisome on a couple fronts: we're taking fosteronfilm's dad in for some scheduled labwork today and I don't like the idea of him being out in the cold and snow, and also we were planning on heading back to Georgia tonight. We can certainly handle some snow driving--fosteronfilm and I are both Midwestern-born and learned how to navigate snowy expanses--but I don't like it.

Plus, it's almost April. What'n heck is it doing snowing? Apparently I've forgotten some of the vagaries of the Midwestern climate.


Writing Stuff

Nothing on the new words front has happened for the last couple days, but I hadn't expected it to.

- 15-day sale of "Shim Chung the Lotus Queen" to GrendelSong
- Status update from Aeon on a story I subbed there in December letting me know that they're behind on their slush and catching up.
- A pair of Critters crits for "A Thread of Silk."

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