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Heading north

Got a call from fosteronfilm's mom. They're not doing the surgery today, but possibly tomorrow. Matthew and I are heading up there later today. Rushing to drop Hobkin off with his godmother, pack, and get everything organized. Not sure how much I'll be online for the next few days.


Writing Stuff

- My check from Cricket for "Li T'ien and the Demon Nian." Shiny.
- Email from the editor in answer to my query regarding whether he's still interested in considering "A Thread of Silk." His answer: yes. But he also told me that the funding for his project got slashed, so the pay I could now expect if he wanted to buy it would be significantly below "pro" rates. Hmm. That news will require some pondering. I'll worry about it later.

Many passes on my rewrite of "Nobodies and Somebodies." Stuck a fork in and sent it off to my Aberrant Dreams editor. I think it's a stronger story; here's hoping he agrees. It's slated for their July issue.

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