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Dad-in-law anxiety

fosteronfilm's mom called yesterday. His dad's in the hospital again. It's not good. He simply can't get enough oxygen into his system between his lung and heart problems, and there's nothing they can do for him. It sounds like they're just trying to make him as comfortable as they can, hooking him up to oxygen, and hoping that he rallies again.

Matthew thinks that we might be making a trip up to Illinois soon.

I'm filled with dread every time I hear the phone ring. I've never lost someone really close to me before, someone I love, a parent or dear friend. And my dad-in-law is all of those things to me. I started having a meltdown last night. I'm so not going to be of any use to Matthew. He's going to have to end up comforting me instead of the other way around.

I'm terrified.


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850 on "A Thread of Silk" and I'm at zero draft. I've emailed the editor this story was originally slated for to see if he'll still consider my submission even though it exceeds the 10K max in his GLs.

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