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Substitute stims . . . and a nap

1 pot of tea + 2 cans of soda + 1 four-hour nap in the middle of the day and I was decently functional without the Adderall. I'm particularly unthrilled by the nap, but since I stayed up until 2AM writing after I woke up, the day still counts as rightly productive. Nice to know my muse is not wholly dependent upon prescription stimulants to keep her going.


Now back to the prescription stimulants.


Writing Stuff

New Words:
2200 on "A Thread of Silk"

Bad guy and protag have made contact. Tension and drama, rah.

Hmm. Maybe I've been going about this all wrong and I should take more frequent days off from the Adderall. 'Course I've once again totally blown my word estimate out of the water. And the last 500 or so were me just rattling rough and clunky (and ungrammatical) words on the page as fast as I could so I could get the ideas for the scene laid out and go to bed. I haven't looked at them yet today, but I am absolutely certain that they will need much fleshing out and rewriting to make coherent.

There's maybe two (I think) scenes left to go, but one of them is a pitched battle. Can I finish this in another 1.5K? Let's see . . .

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
7,814 / 9,000

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