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Aches, pains, and atrophy

My reproductive organs hate me. And it seems that my wingstubs are throwing in with them. It's a mutiny. Waiting for their demands, which I suspect will involve chocolate. Ow.

In doing some Tangent work last night, I went into my Access database. The table I store reviewer information in was getting unwieldy to eyeball, so I wanted to write a few SQL queries so I could snag the information I needed at a glance. Here's the thing, I've had over a decade's worth of experience coding SQL on a mainframe at my ex-day job, and not just simple selects either, but batch inserts, updates, and complex joins. I considered myself to be quite proficient with SQL, not DBA proficient, but if it involved data manipulation and a database, I was pretty confident I could do it. But last night, I found myself having to go into the help menu to remember how to do a simple SQL select.


I've only been out of work for a year. That's some fast brain spoilage, that is.


Writing Stuff

A status update from my Fantasist Enterprises editor letting me know that the Modern Magic anthology has a street date of April 25th (hey, that's also my and fosteronfilm's anniversary!) and Bash Down the Door and Slice Open the Badguy is slated for a late summer or early fall release. Shiny.

New Words:
500 on "A Thread of Silk"

So I decided my antag is indeed going to meet my protag on the road after all. It's going to require some rewrite tweaks of an earlier scene, but I can't think of another way of keeping this from turning into a sprawling epic.

And so the stage is set for the bad guy and the good girl to collide, yo.

I discovered that it's very hard to find detailed information on Heian horsemanship techniques, despite cavalry being such a salient part of their military tactics. I saw pictures of saddles from that era, but nothing that tells the specifics of their riding style. I have, however, learned a lot more about Heian Era clothing, weaponry, and etiquette. Yay?

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