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The Brothers Grimm redux. What is this flower?

There are these tiny purple flowers that grow wild in our lawn and fosteronfilm is going to have to mow soon and thereby bring keen-edged death to them. I picked a handful and stuck them into a couple shot glasses, but I have no idea what they are. Anyone recognize them?

Resumed our aborted effort to watch The Brothers Grimm last night. I enjoyed it, although the storyline was predictable, pretty much straight from the opening scene. But I liked how they wove in the "origins" of a bunch of fairy tales. And, as fosteronfilm said, Terry Gilliam is like the half- or step-brother of Tim Burton. There's a definite, very beautiful look to a Terry Gilliam movie.

My favorite line: "I made that armor. It's not magical; it's just shiny."


Writing Stuff

I saw they've got up a "in the next issue" on the Cricket website for the April issue. There's an elephant on the cover! From the titles in the ToC, April's issue looks to have an elephant theme, which, I assume, is where "The King of Rabbits and Moon Lake" fits in, having an elephant (actually a whole herd of them) in the story. I love elephants. Can't wait to see the illustrations. Wheee!

- 2 86-day form rejections from Espresso Fiction. I'm thinking I just don't write the sort of stuff these guys are looking for. All I've ever gotten from them is say-nothing form "no"s. Alas.
-27-day "pass" from Weird Tales. They included some comments, which I appreciate, but I have to admit being rather baffled by them. First off, they took issue with not grasping the time and place my story was set in quickly enough. Then they had a problem with how long it took for my protag's gender to become apparent. Except the first sentence sets the story at my protag's high school reunion with the second sentence giving the year of graduation, and my protag mentions having had a lesbian affair on the first page. So, uh, I have to wonder, what story were they reading?

They also asked after a previous story I'd sent them in 2002 that they'd rejected, asking if I'd made the changes they suggested, and if so, would I like to send it back for consideration. While I appreciate their interest, as it turns out, I didn't make the changes they suggested and have since sold that story elsewhere. If they'd wanted me to do a rewrite then, I would've been delighted to oblige, but they didn't ask for one! Grumpf.

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