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The weekend was manic, but I accomplished much. My Things to Do list is now of manageable size--it's still large, but I no longer feel so overwhelmed--and the house is cleaner (spurred about by the arrival of radjacee later today). I even found a skein of yarn, which is sort of like finding candy--the kind of candy you can't eat but that you can crochet with.

fosteronfilm convinced me to try Radio Yahoo. He likes how you can customize your own station by rating the songs it selects for you based upon some initial preference selections. I'm finding it distracting. I keep being pulled out of whatever I'm doing whenever there's a song change to rank it. And also, since I'm using the free version, it pops up with commercials every few songs--the same commercials, about three of them, over and over again. I'm thinking I'll probably go back to playing MP3s on my computer.

Wallace & Gromit won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature! Yay! Although I wish they'd decrease the number of hokey skits the presenters do at the award ceremony so the winners could have more than ten seconds to give their acceptance speeches. It seems rude to shoo them off stage, especially when they're supplanted by the likes of Ben Stiller doing an exceptionally lame green screen gag.


Writing Stuff

While I greatly enjoy what I do for Tangent, there are times when being Tangent's managing editor is also incredibly aggravating. I find myself wondering whether I'd be better off with the extra time to focus on my writing.* I guess that's why there are so many editors who end up doffing their editorial hats in lieu of their writing careers.

Do people view editors who are also writers differently than plain-jane "I just write" writers? I can't help but think of, say, Gardner Dozois as an editor first and foremost, even though he's no longer the editor of Asimov's**. With my myriad editorial hats, I find myself wondering if my readers (those dozen or so of you wonderful and discriminating people out there) see me as primarily an editor with writerly aspirations or a writer who has a proclivity for editing.

Yep, labels leave me blinking in the dust. I should quit trying to tangle with them.

*Any of you Tangent reviewers who just went twitchy, don't read more into this than a desire to vent some steam. My Tangent hat remains jammed on my head. Also, lemme make it absolutely clear that none of y'all are in any way contributories to my current pressure build-up.
**Not, mind you, that I have the hubris to liken my endeavors to Gardner Dozois's prodigious accomplishments.

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