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The Punisher and sale to DAW anthology

Weird night. I fell asleep early on the couch and woke up around midnight. Hobkin was curled at my hip so I booted my laptop to do some work downstairs. fosteronfilm turned on The Punisher, a movie I was somewhat curious about when it hit the theaters but didn't end up going to.

I'm a wimp when it comes to scary movies, but I consider myself pretty tough-skinned and jaded with regard to action/adventure flicks, so I didn't expect to have any difficulty with The Punisher. Apparently, IMDB classifies it as Crime/Drama/Thriller, but I don't always understand or agree with IMDB's classifications. Plus, the movie's based on a comic book. Action/adventure/crime/drama/thriller or whatever, one scene squicked me out so totally and absolutely that I shrilled at fosteronfilm "turn it off! turn it off!" astonishing both him and me.

So yeah, I found it so disturbing I couldn't watch it all the way through. That doesn't happen very often. Normally I know if I won't be able to handle a movie, but this one tossed me a big ole curve. Didn't get back to sleep until around 5AM, and I had bad dreams to boot.

However, despite the questionable night, I'm having a great day, thanks to jimhines!


Writing Stuff

jimhines liked "Honor is a Game Mortals Play" and wants it for Heroes in Training! Squee! I've got a bookshelf full of DAW titles, many of which I read and fell in love with when I was just a wee fangirl. I'm thrilled giddy to have one of my stories in a DAW anthology! Squee SQUEE SQUEE!

"Kaawwa, Naagan, and the Queen's Diamond Necklace" is now up at Dragonfly Spirit. In addition to the cover art featuring my tale, Lauren Francis did another absolutely charming illustration for it.

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