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Sense and Sensibility

Watched Sense and Sensibility last night. I've never seen it before. Actually, I haven't seen much in the way of Jane Austen movies.

It was charming. Absolutely girlie and gushy, but in a good way. Even fosteronfilm gave it his (grudging) "enjoyable" stamp of approval. Although he was quick to qualify that with "for a girlie movie."

Now I want to see Pride & Prejudice, both the new one with Keira Knightley and the mini series with Colin Firth.

I think I've got the romance bug. It is getting to be spring, after all.

Writing Stuff

Caught up on my Thank You notes for Critters crits of "Honor is a Game Mortals Play." I was re-reading some comments to mull over and I paused at one in particular by Janice Clark (a fantastic writers who's also in my Critter Litter writers group):

"I love the way you weave in just enough explanation of cultural/supernatural elements in your stories . . . I know . . . such outward simplicity bespeaks a lot of frantic scrambling behind the scenes."

Aside from the happy glow I got from the high praise, it also conjured up an evocative image of writers-as-ducks. Y'know how ducks and geese are so serene and graceful on the water, while beneath the surface, they're paddling like mad? That's a great metaphor for writers. There we are, tearing at our hair and gnashing our teeth, agonizing over whether to use a semicolon or a comma, while we present our pristine manuscripts to editors with unruffled grace and aplomb.

Here's to us writer-ducks. Quack.

- 55-days to a personal "The writing is lovely but . . ." rejection from Shelia Williams at Asimov's with invite to submit again. I opened up the story to read it over--I haven't really looked at it since I declared it "done" in 2004--and absolutely cringed. I think she was being charitable to call the writing "lovely." I'm mortified I've been sending this manuscript out to editors.

While I believe it's a good story at its heart, I seem to have thrown every notion of "tight prose" out the window on this one. I honestly don't know what I could've been thinking. So yeah, I went to town with my virtual red pen. I ended up chopping out a good 1K before I called it a night. I'd like to give it another couple passes before I consider sending it out again.


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