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Gasping up dem dust monkeys. Sports Night finis. Corpse Bride.

I've been short of breath and having tightness in my chest these last few days, something I haven't had to deal with for many months now. I actually needed to break out the Albuterol several times (probably more than is recommended) yesterday and today. Weird. Is it stress? Or did I inhale a dust monkey by accident?

Finished watching yukinooruoni's DVD set of Sports Night. Definitely a top-notch show, although I think the writing had a bit more of a comedic edge in the first season. I never got another roaring belly laugh moment to match the one I had at Natalie's first season "cure" for writer's block. Still, plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. The drama parts didn't hold up as well without the intense comedy to bolster it, and the finale was a pretty massive Deus ex machina. Nevertheless, it was an excellent series, and I am massively bummed they canceled it. There was still much they could've done with the characters.

Also finally got a chance to see Corpse Bride a la Netflix. It was better than I had expected. I liked very much how the land of the living was so dreary and deathly dull while the land of the dead was all bright and lively. Nice bit of claymation-depicted irony. And of course, everything Tim Burton touches is pretty.


Writing Stuff

Crits are coming in for "Honor is a Game Mortals Play." (Thanks bunches safirasilv and elvesforeyes for the fabu feedback!) It's being well received thus far. I've already started doing some minor tweaks from suggestions that immediately resonated.

And y'know, after not looking at the story for a few days and coming back to it with fresh eyes, I like it. That's immensely gratifying.

jimhines, at this rate, you can expect to have the ms on your desk next week.

I've also started dwelling upon what I want to do with "Nobodies and Somebodies," rewrite-wise. I asked my Aberrant Dreams editor what sort of deadline I'm looking at.

For someone who's unemployed, I'm agog at how my plate overfloweth.

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