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Hobkin squeaks, a good night's sleep, and signs

Hobkin is a very silly animal. I went downstairs yesterday after working in the library all day to discuss and start dinner prep with fosteronfilm, then made to go back upstairs to lug down the interim desktop I was using while my laptop was in the shop. I wanted to hook it to our network and retrieve the files stranded on it, but the fuzzwit apparently thought I was going back up to work for another cluster of hours and was dismayed. The little guy started squeaking.

It's the silliest sound I have ever heard an animal make--like a wheel in desperate need of oil on helium. Of course, I turned right around and went back to reassure and cuddle him (leaving fosteronfilm to retrieve and set up the computer). I can't post the sound he made, but here's a picture that illustrates how Hobkin is so not an animal of dignity and grace:

I wonder if this is the skunk equivalent of "Live long and prosper"?


Writing Stuff

It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do to quell a minor freakout. I'm feeling much better, totally over my quakes and anxiety.

When I woke up, my head was brimming with ideas for how to simplify the opening of my novel to make it more accessible to a younger audience, as well as thoughts on how to block out the chapters I've currently got into panels and picture pages. It seems like my sleeping self has made my decision for me. Barring some unforeseen weirdness, I'm going to go for the picture book effort. I was pretty much headed there, but it's reassuring to know my unconscious is in sync with my conscious.

I find I'm rather looking forward to the challenge of preparing a picture book manuscript out of my novel. At least I won't have to wring my brain coming up with new characters or settings or story lines. It doesn't hurt that I am utterly enchanted by the idea of having my tale accompanied by lavish, beautiful illustrations.

The editor is sending me her notes and a few examples from her publishing house of what she has in mind to give me an idea of the length, complexity, and scope I should aim for. I'm going to wait to see these before I start (and before I give them my official "I'm game"), but in the interim, I'm re-reading my novel to once again familiarize myself with the voice and mood I used, as well as any details I may have forgotten since the last time I looked it over.

In the next couple days, I'm going to try to clear off as much Tangent and The Town Drunk work from my plate as I can, as well as try to check off all the outstanding stray issues hovering about my "things to do" list. I want to be able to approach this project with focused concentration at the start. So if folks need me for something and have been holding off on dropping me a line, better do so now while I'm in rapid-fire-just-do-it mode.

I'm very glad I finished the first draft of "Honor is a Game Mortals Play" so I'm not having to ping-pong back and forth between these two projects. Barring a deluge of critiques of the "this-totally-sucks you-call-yourself-a-writer? Hah!" variety coming back on it, I anticipate the rewrite will go smoothly. I typically find rewrites fairly easy on my writer muscles . . . I say as I gear up to embark upon the biggest "rewrite" I've ever contemplated. Erm.

The editor of Dragonfly Spirit sent me a sneak peek of the March cover. The artwork features my story, "Kaawwa, Naagan, and the Queen’s Diamond Necklace"! She also kindly gave me permission to display it:

Isn't it gorgeous? And again, I'm reminded how much I love seeing beautiful artwork come about as a result of the words I scribble on the page. Were I one to believe in signs and portents delivered from the Great Beyond, I would see this as a really good one.
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