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Laptop is, once again, re-loaded with only one casualty: a CD-RW (oops). Since all my backup files are stranded on the machine that has a defunct network card, I decided "hey, I'll save resources by using a re-writable disc to transfer them" and then forgot that there's a different burn process for CD-RWs versus CD-Rs. So yeah, we have another (expensive) new coaster.

I ended up burning my data onto CD-Rs. My intentions were good; I just don't get along well with hardware thingies. Snartleblast.

The library is a mess of cords, stray peripherals, and books that have been re-stacked so I could reach the electric outlets behind the bookshelf, but I'm so relieved to have the stupid machine back. It undoubtedly won't last. I'm just waiting for the dreaded *pop zzzt* of my laptop turning itself off, but until then, I'm good.

See how easy it is to make me happy?

Here with a working notebook on my lap,
Tapping keys, a word processor--and WiFi
Checking email on the Internet--
And the Internet is Paradise enow.

(With apologies to Omar Khayyám.)


Writing Stuff

Check out this nifty toy via ballsandwalnuts: The Grazulis Cut-Up Machine. It's a little tool, a la William S. Burroughs, that chops up sentences and rearranges them to come up with a more spontaneous presentation to help jostle stagnant prose into a fresher configuration. Doug explains it better in his post.

Editing/New Words: A pair of editing passes and a net gain of 350 or so words on "Honor is a Game Mortals Play." Yes, I need my laptop in order to be able to write. (And y'all think I'm adaptable?) Very, very close to the end. My goal is to have it in the Critters queue next week. I didn't want to stop last night, but it was 3AM and the screen was beginning to blur. I hope what I wrote is as good as I thought it was when I was half-delirious and bleary. That's probably unlikely . . .

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
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