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Lamenting the Egregiously Americentric Media

Gah! I shouldn't be shocked or surprised when our media provides yet another example of appallingly Americentric coverage, but I am. First there was the Greek bank strike, a bit of information I discovered only because I had to contend with a returned check fee from Greece, but now it seems that our media does not deem the Basque country's efforts to secede from Spain as worthy of coverage. Instead, we get Michelle Kwan's groin injury. Major sociopolitical upheaval in Europe, or pulled groin muscle . . . I can see the importance o'reporting scales wobbling there.

When I happen to catch snippets like these, I have to wonder what other huge chunks of global news I'm missing out on.


Writing Stuff

- 120-day "sincerely regret that we're unable to accept it" from my Cricket editor. Encouraging comments as ever, but a "no" is still a "no." Pook. She did, however, mention my blog, and put in a request for more Hobkin pix. As I am never one to deny an editorial behest:

Hobkin, curled up on fosteronfilm's lap, being a Daddy's skunk.
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