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Pausing for a quick update

dude_the flew back to Illinois yesterday. fosteronfilm and I are settling back into our normal, daily routines. Actually, "routine" for me is more like frantically trying to catch up on all the things that piled up between Utah and the Superbowl. *gurgle*

I also managed to wrench my back. Probably "wrench" is the wrong word. It's more like I put too much strain on it over a prolonged period of time and now it refuses to bend without sending jagged pain through me. I need a new human suit; this one doesn't work right anymore.


Writing Stuff

Emailed a query to Here & Now since I still haven't received either my contrib. copies of issue 7 or payment.

Spent most of the morning doing Tangent work, publishing reviews and answering correspondences. I think I'm mostly caught up on that front now. Although there's still the strange email submission I received that appears to be (and I'm being charitable here) some sort of disjointed, narrative-free flash fiction or perhaps a rambling stream-of-consciousness note from someone suffering from dementia. Huh. Informing someone with an obviously poorly considered marketing strategy that Tangent is not a fiction publication is rather low on the list of items that need my attention.

Next up, The Town Drunk work. Once more into the breach! *limp*

- 1-day "exceptionally well written story that, unfortunately, is not for us" from Baen's Universe with a "We definitely would like to hear from you again." You betcha they're going to be hearing from me again!
- 56-day SALE of "Fade to Black" to Greek-language 'zine Ennea. Amusingly, this story hasn't been published in English yet, so its first publication will be in a language I can't read.

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