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Superbowl XL, Veronica Mars, Story Sale to Oceans of the Mind

Was that not a fantastic Superbowl game?? Granted, we were rooting for the Steelers--an arbitrary decision mostly based upon uniform colors (although I believe dude_the is a fan). There were two memorable plays--the 75 yard run to touchdown, and the fallback pass touchdown (that's probably not what it's called)--which had me jumping up and down and cheering, a 200% increase in memorable plays than in previous years. The bottle of Mike's Hard Lime I had may or may have assisted on the jumping/cheering front.

dude_the introduced (and addicted) us to Veronica Mars. He brought the season 1 DVD boxed set with him, and we spent most of Thursday and Friday, and several chunks of Saturday, watching them all. It's an excellent mystery series, with Buffy-esque writing (and even a few cameo appearances by Alyson Hannigan). Word on the street is that Joss Whedon is a fan of the show, and I can definitely see why. Although I think the DVD set is the way to go. The story arc is pronounced and I probably would have gotten annoyed if I'd had to see it unravel on a one episode per week time frame. Ergo, fosteronfilm and I aren't going to start watching season 2, which is currently airing. I don't want to jump into the season 2 story mid-season and I'd much rather wait for it to come out in a boxed DVD set and see it in another Veronica Mars viewing marathon.


Writing Stuff

- 31-day sale of "The Few, the Proud, the Leech Corps" to Oceans of the Mind for their "Tribute to the Pulps" Spring 2006 issue. This is the story that I've let languish with Dreams of Decadence for four years. Long story short: subbed it Jan 2002-->five months later, queries result in note from editor saying she was "quite likely to buy it"-->unanswered queries over the next 1.5 years meet silence-->a desperate post on the DNA newsgroup Jan. 2004 results in a reply from Warren Lapine saying that the D of D editor had my tale in her "buy" pile-->two more years pass w/no formal acceptance letter, contract, or other communication despite several queries-->Jan '06, Eugie gives up and starts sending it out again.

Obviously, I should have gotten it recirculating sooner since it sold very quickly. As obviously, Dreams of Decadence is no longer a viable market anymore and hasn't been for at least four years.

- Edits of "Souls of Living Wood" from Fantasist Enterprises to okay for their Modern Magic anthology. The changes were tiny and cosmetic. I approved them and got a note back from the editor that my check is in process now. Coolness.

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