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Aberrant Dreams Signing

The Aberrant Dreams signing at Oxford Comics & Games was a blast.

Top (left to right):
Lonny J. Harper (Co-Editor-in-Chief), Earnest G. Saylor (Editor), Joseph W. Dickerson (other Co-Editor-in-Chief)
Bottom: Gerald W. Page, Me, Rob Shelsky, Jenny Ladner (illustrator)

I adored meeting Jerry, who regaled us with marvelous reminiscences of golden age SF and reiterated his praise of "The Son That Pain Made," likening my story to Theodore Sturgeon's work--which again sent me into transports of rapturous delight. Awestruck and bowled over is me. I had no idea Jerry was a local, and I hope to get many opportunities to powwow with him again. Soon. It was also great meeting Rob and Jenny. I've known Rob for a while via Critters, so at long last I got to do the face mail thing with him . . . although he was of the opinion that science fiction preceded fantasy, and also that fantasy was a subset of science fiction (instead of the other way around). But it was cool. I set him straight. . Due to our seating arrangement, I didn't have much opportunity to chat with Jenny, but we did wave and grin at each other periodically. Joe, Lonny, and Ernie were terrific, a trio of real class acts. And they fed us after the signing at Coca Loco. I feel all feted, like a bona fide, grown-up writer.

Thanks to everyone who popped by!


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