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Home again, home again . . .

Full Sundance write-up tomorrow. Mundane catch-up herein:

Back from Utah. Retrieved skunk from godmother. The lil guy was pretty ecstatic to be home, and so am I. All is well, but I'm exhausted. I was napping with Hobkin--crashing really--until he got it into his wee head to run amok and wake me up. Now he's done being amok and napping under his hutch, and I'm bleary-eyed and insomniac.

Hobkin somehow knew when we were coming to pick him up. He was busily digging at the door when we rolled into her driveway--a behavior she informed us he hadn't engaged in at all before, and which he'd begun about two minutes prior to our arrival. There's a lot of sense and intuition going on in that small, fuzzy head. Hobkin gave me many nose-sniff kisses as soon as I picked him up, and snuggled me all the way home. 'Course then he went amok at 5AM . . .

My laptop powered itself down several times while we were in Utah, the same malfunction as before. Not surprised in the least. Going to have to call HP and see about sending it back again. Bastards.


Writing Stuff

Got an email from the Aberrant Dreams folks inviting me to dinner after the signing on Saturday. Haven't replied yet 'cause dude_the is coming down this weekend for Superbowl Sunday, and I don't know what our plans are. Delighted by the invite regardless. I love it when editors offer to feed me.

I have much, much Tangent work to catch up on. And I have about two dozen stories that I want to read, as well as a slew of ones I've already read from last year, that I need to pare down to the five best to nominate for the Sturgeon Award before the 24th of February. Urk.

- 217-day sale of a French reprint of "Returning My Sister's Face" to Faeries.
- Check from Ennea for the Greek reprint of "When the Lights Go Out." And it's in U.S. dollars and not euros, hurray!
- A status update from mroctober on a YA anthology he's trying to sell to Mirrorstone that I wrote a story for. The Mirrorstone editor made lots of promising-sounding words, "very interested" being the main ones, but it's still in the "maybe" category. A very positive maybe, though. Got my fingers and toes crossed. I'd love to be published by Mirrorstone.
- 24-day email from Doug Cohen, slush editor of Realms of Fantasy, informing me that he'd received my latest submission and that he'll pass it along to Shawna in February.

- 106-day personal nope from Chris East of Futurismic after holding onto this story for extended consideration. Bummer. But he did invite me to try again.
- 54-day "no thanks" with invite to submit again from Lorraine and James. Eh, it was a long shot.

Rolling my eyes:
- 547-day "Despite your publication credits, we feel you need some help getting your prose skills up to a truly professional level. You may want to consider attending a Borderlands Press Writer's Boot Camp" rejection from Borderlands 6 on a story I'd already withdrawn and sold elsewhere.

I am terribly tempted to respond with: "Despite your pay rate, I feel you need some help getting your publishing house up to a truly professional level. You may want to consider improving your response times and organization skills, as well as not including a self-serving plug in your rejections." But I won't. After all, two unprofessionals does not equal a professional.

New Words: 3K on a Japanese Demon Hunter short written during some down time in the condo at Utah. This one I'm intending for jimhines's Heroes in Training anthology.

Club 100 For Writers

It's a new year, and the first time I've managed to hit 500. At least it's not February yet.

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