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Commando Updates

I feel like I'm an online commando, dashing into an Internet cafe and updating LJ at Sundance.

fosteronfilm is watching the short blocks (a series of short films, not stumpy rectangles) at Troma Dance, and I'm pretty shorted out (both in the "zzt" and "seen-too-many-shorts-gurgle" way). Also, possibly hung over. But only slightly.

It's the altitude. Yeah.

So far, the shining glory of the convention has been Forgiving the Franklins. Because of the controversial nature of the film, not to mention all the nudity, it'll probably never get distribution, but this movie is absolutely brilliant--brilliant and inspiring and spiritual, and as anyone who even vaguely knows me should realize by now, I don't use the s-word lightly. If there's a snowball's chance anywhere anyhow that y'all can get to see this, go!

fosteronfilm is going to try to snag a copy of it to bring to Dragon*Con's Film Festival, but that's still way up in the air.

Writing Stuff:

The Aberrant Dreams webcomic artist has struck again in a Slip of the Pen from the 25th: "Let Those Creative Juices Flow." Hee! They said I was "hot." They also made me go "ewww."


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