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Re-watching the Firefly series in preparation for getting Serenity on DVD. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I wish I could write dialogue like Joss Whedon. Sigh.

And on the surprising good news front, I got an email from HP informing me that my laptop was shipped yesterday and I should get it tomorrow AM. I don't know if this pre-26th shipping is due to the emails of ire I sent, or if the part they were waiting on got in sooner. I like to think it was my squeaky-wheel-ness, but since they haven't listened to anything I've said up to this point, that seems unduly optimistic.

It means that I should have my laptop back in time to take to Sundance--as long as FedEx doesn't let me down. I'm assuming the malfunction won't be fixed, but at least I'll have it. I'd rather have a spontaneously shutting down laptop than no laptop in Utah. I'll just have to do what I was doing before and engage in tons o' compulsive saves and frequent back-ups to my USB stick. And hey, they could astonish me and have actually fixed the thing--or, shocker of all shocks, decided to replace it.


Writing Stuff

Ooo! I got an email from Vonda McIntyre! I got an email from Vonda McIntyre!

Okay, it's an SFWA-related email, but I'm still all fangirl squeeing about getting correspondence from her. I read Dreamsnake when I was in sixth grade and was absolutely blown away by it.

So, uh, yeah, the email was to let me know that the SFWA press release I submitted for the Writers for Relief charity anthology (edited by jackzodiac) is up and will be linked to the SFWA Pressbook tomorrow.

My heart's still all pitter-patter about getting an email from Vonda McIntyre . . .
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