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Aeon Flux - the MTV series, not the movie

Watched Aeon Flux last night, courtesy Netflix, the MTV series, not the Charlize Theron movie. I haven't seen the movie yet, being more than a little dubious about it.

I remember seeing the shorts on MTV's Liquid TV, and then some of the series episodes, and wondering whether they would make more sense if I saw all of them in order. The answer to that is "no." Viewing them in proper sequence, first to last, does not in any way make them an iota more coherent.

However, I really like them, despite or perhaps because of the extreme weirdness. Although "weird" doesn't do justice to the profoundly freaky-bizarre experience that is Aeon Flux--beautiful and strangely disjointed, with ultra-bizarre technology and unnaturally graceful characters a la anime, but without the usual anime trappings.

I'm still ruminating on the episodes, replaying some of the (disturbing) imagery in my mind, and luxuriating/speculating on the subtext and dialogue. Lines like: "I'm not in the habit of arguing about the color of red herrings!"; "We won. We must have been right"; "Learn from your mistakes, so that one day you can repeat them precisely"; and "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger" left me glassy-eyed and awed.

Although I do wonder what it says about my sensibilities on romance that I find Aeon Flux's and Trevor Goodchild's love/hate, quasi-BDSM, obsessive-dysfunctional, manipulative-merciful-murderous relationship incredibly sexy. Eh, then again, I already knew I was a bit twisted.

"You're hurting my hand! ...Normally, I like that. But this time I can't reciprocate your feelings."


Writing Stuff

Got a note from Chris McKitterick inviting me to participate in the nomination process of the 2005 Sturgeon Awards. I'm honored and flattered, but now I have to scrunch my brain up and somehow come up with a Top 5 list from all the amazing short SF that was published last year.

Also got an email from Jason Rennie of The Sci Phi Show, letting me know that he's going to use the Escape Pod podcast of "The Life and Times of Penguin" in a forthcoming episode. The focus topic will be an examination of "The Problem of Evil," which I am absolutely tickled by. I hope Voltaire would have been proud of, or at least amused by, my homage to Candide.

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