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Oh Where, Oh Where, Has My Laptop Gone?

I checked the HP website and the status of my laptop is listed as: "Hewlett-Packard is currently repairing or replacing your product. . . . not yet shipped."

They were supposed to ship my laptop back yesterday. And I even bought the stupid extended care package that promises expedited priority service! Struggling not to work myself into a foaming frenzy of go-medieval-on-their-asses-argh, but what little forbearance I had left is strained to the big kablooey point. If anyone sees a small mushroom cloud Atlanta-ward, that's probably me losing it.

Calmblueocean. *twitch*

The thing is, I'd calculated on taking my laptop with me to Utah next week.* More than calculated, counted on. The condo we're staying at won't have WiFi, unless things have changed since last year, but there are Internet cafes aplenty in Park City, and I'd assumed I'd be able to at least maintain perfunctory email contact, not to mention not fall too behind on my various editorial duties. Most importantly, I'd counted on having it so I could type up any observation and inspiration notes for future stories.

While it is still possible that my laptop will get to me in time--like if they shipped it today--it's cutting it very close.

@!&*$#! Calmblueocean.

*fosteronfilm is reprising his Sundance/SlamDance/Troma Dance film festival working holiday again this year, and I decided to go with him this time. Traveling is the best muse food for me, and I figure there's going to be a lot of inspiration and creative energies crashing about at Sundance et al. So while I doubt I can deduct the cost as a working expense (although fosteronfilm might be able to), I think it'll be worth doing.


Writing Stuff

I think the only reason I haven't detonated into a big wrathful smear of exploded-Eugie is that I've received so much excellent writing news.

Augie Wiedemann, the artist who illustrated "Oranges, Lemons, and Thou Beside Me" for Apex, sent me a print of the extra illustration he did because he liked the story so much. I'm bowled over and touched by both the gift and the compliment. I shall need to find a frame for it and then I'm going to hang it in the library.

- 41-day sale of "A Patch of Jewels in the Sky" to Dragonfly Spirit, slated for publication in their June issue.
- 20-day rejection from Fantasy Magazine offset by a reprint sale of "Returning My Sister's Face" to Sean Wallace's Best New Fantasy anthology. Huzzah! I'm going to be in an anthology with the word "Best" in the title!

And check out the gorgeous cover art by Eikasia:

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