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I made a . . . rectangle. Out of yarn.

So I have succumbed to the procrastination beast yet again and taught myself how to crochet. Well, to be accurate, technically I already knew how to crochet, but my foray into the craft was so long ago, and my knowledge so rudimentary, that I don't think it counts. (I learned the basic single crochet stitch and that's all.) I made a fairly large swath of knotted-together yarn in ages past and then promptly set the unfinished effort aside. In rummaging around my (dusty and disused) sewing cabinet to make my wing warmers, I found my abandoned first crochet project, the yarn I'd purchased for it, and my crochet hooks. After my satisfaction with the socks-turned-into-warmers experience, I lugged the neglected swath out. Using this and this site as refresher course and instructor, I taught myself some more stitches and finished the thing:

Basic in design and with amateurish unevenness throughout, but it is my first completed "from scratch" yarn venture.

I am too easily sidetracked from writing. I need my laptop back so I can sequester myself away in the library where there are fewer distractions. But on an up note, I now have a warm afghan thingy to drape over my lap when I do return to my writing base.


Writing Stuff

- 83-day rejection . . . I think, from TQR. I took it as an oblique rejection when my story didn't make it into their newly published issue and requested they re-send the original rejection on their forum as I hadn't received it. A short while later I got the communiqué confirming the pass, although their email sort of implies that they want me to do another rewrite on it:

"Although I can't take the time to detail these issues in this email, I will certainly do so in the near future if you permit me. Given the proper attention, I believe that your story could find its way onto our pages in the near future."

Erm. So yeah, I've sent an email back asking for a clarification on that.

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