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Fie on Hewlett Packard

Thanks to everyone who sent their reassuring thoughts and bolstering sentiments about my dad-in-law. No further news updates from the in-folks front, which I'm taking as "no news is good news."

I am deeply, deeply displeased with Hewlett Packard. My laptop arrived bright and early via FedEx yesterday morning. I bounded to the door to sign for it, gleefully pulled my shiny laptop from its packaging, and booted it up. The "Customer Care" receipt they enclosed informed me they had only done two things: re-image the hard drive (sigh) and replaced the battery. This did not thrill me, as I was reasonably certain the problem I'd been having was not a battery issue, and if it was, then why didn't they just sent me a @#$! new battery? I could've re-imaged the thing myself if I'd thought it was necessary. But hey, maybe I was wrong, maybe it had been the battery all along. I started loading it up, restoring software and data, and while I was in the middle of that, it turned itself off. Yep. They hadn't fixed the problem.

So I packaged it back up in the box it came in, and FedEx retrieved it this afternoon to make the trip back to California. The HP support folks were not at all helpful when we called them. They tried to get us to go through all the useless rigmarole processes (power drain, restore the bios, etc.) that hadn't worked the first time before agreeing that it needed to be sent back.

So I remain without my laptop. I am mightily pissed off.


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- 77-day personal "sweet but not for us" with invite to try again from Sheila Williams of Asimov's. That first sale of 2006 is turning out to be rather elusive . . .

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